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2023 Winter Share – Now through End of April

Eating locally in the winter in the North Country is not only possible, it’s DELICIOUS!

We offer members a free choice share of Essex Farm winter bounty:

  • Meats
    • 100% grass fed, grass finished beef
    • 100% grass fed, grass finished lamb
    • Pastured Pork and Pastured Chickens, fed 100% certified organic grains or grains grown on Essex Farm to our organic-or-better standards
  • Dairy – from our grass fed Jersey Cows, bred for A2 Beta Casein Genetics
  • Eggs – Free range hens raised on pasture during the growing season; fed 100% certified organic grains or grains grown on Essex Farm to our organic-or-better standards
  • Seasonal Vegetables: weekly winter selections could include onions, cabbage, carrots, leeks, winter squash, potatoes, garlic, kohlrabi, celeriac, radishes, and more.
  • Grains and Flours – Grown at Essex Farm or Certified Organic
  • Dry Beans and Popcorn – Certified Organic
  • Plus a selection of value-added extras we make from our bounty like lard, all natural soap, sauerkraut, kimchi, schmaltz, ghee and more.


$105/week per adult
$50/week per teen (12-17)
$40/week per child (5-11)

Children under 5 are free
10% discount for vegetarian
20% discount for vegan

Because the share is all-you-can-eat, everyone in your household must be a shareholder. Price is per week for the remainder of the winter share season.

Thanks for reaching out to us about joining our local pick up CSA Program! We are so grateful for neighbors like yourself who are interested in investing in local agriculture. Basically, you have a few options:

  • If you want to get food every week for the rest of the year, then you are well suited for our Annual Share, which would be prorated for your start date and you could pay down in monthly, or quarterly installments.
  • If you would like to receive shares most weeks, but need to take long breaks or want to avoid a cancellation fee, sign up as a Seasonal Member. Seasonal membership is higher than annual membership per week to offset the lack of financial support the farm would experience during your breaks. Seasonal memberships are purchased in share blocks of no fewer than 4 weeks.

Our memberships are all-you-need and free-choice, therefore shares are sold by household, not by individual. We cannot sell shares to only one adult if there is more than one living in the household.


  • (prorated based on when you join)

Teen (12-17)

  • (prorated based on when you join)

Child (6-11)

  • (prorated based on when you join)

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    Membership Agreements

    • I agree to pay for the share and will submit my payments on time.
    • I understand that I will be held accountable to pay the full amount of my committed share price through the remainder of the year. If I am unable to uphold my commitment of a year long membership, I will pay a fee of 10% of my remaining balance.
    • In joining Essex Farm, I understand that there will be variations in the quantity and the quality of food that I receive, depending on weather and other factors.
    • I understand that the dairy is not pasteurized and that these and all foods may carry certain health risks.
    • I hold harmless Essex Farm for injuries that may occur to my family, me or anyone in my party while we are on Essex Farm, and for any illness contracted from being on the farm or eating food from the farm.