We’ve spent ten years building our flock of 100% grass finished Dorset sheep. At last, we are proud to offer our lamb for sale to consumers and chefs, by the whole or half lamb. These lambs are USDA butchered, cut into consumer-friendly cuts, and vacuum wrapped. This year’s lambs are yielding an average of 40lbs of wrapped cuts. We price whole and half lambs by the yielded pound: $12.50/lb for whole lambs and $15.50/lb for half lambs. They can be picked up here at the farm.

If you’d prefer to do your own butchering, we can custom slaughter a lamb for you on-farm. Pricing for custom slaughtered and chilled whole lambs is by arrangement.

Email us for the details.

Chefs, if you’d like to discuss putting Essex Farm lamb on your menu, please email us to set up a time to talk.