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Week 44, 2022|Kristin Kimball|November 4, 2022

Is it really November? Highs touching 70 degrees, lows in the 50s, little rain in the forecast? Nobody is complaining. We’re getting lots of late-season work done. The best news of the week […]


Week 40, 2022|Kristin Kimball|October 7, 2022

Real color in the trees now, and several mornings of frost. The power of the sun is waning, even though the grass is still green and the big fall harvests are just starting to […]


Week 39, 2022|Kristin Kimball|September 30, 2022

The temperature at the weather station hit 35 degrees early this morning, chilly enough to pull mist from the ponds and banks of cloud from Lake Champlain. In the cold pockets around the […]


Week 38, 2022|Kristin Kimball|September 23, 2022

A speedy note this week, as I’m off to the city with our young Spanish exchange student, Elena, who has been with us for three months and is heading back to Madrid today. […]

Essex Farm Pancake Recipe

2 cups Essex Farm pancake mix

½ cup butter milk 

2 eggs

2 Tablespoons oil (optional)

sugar to taste (optional)

Milk or water to texture

Incorporate eggs, oil, sugar, and buttermilk into pancake mix.  Add milk or water while stirring until batter is slightly lumpy.  Ladle about 1/3-1/4 cup batter onto hot greased pan.  Makes 8-12 cakes.


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